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Christopher started playing guitar and Trombone at age 7, started his first band and played out at age 13. He also had a reel to reel tape recorder and started recording about this time as well.


Christopher meets his neighbor, Mark Pasquale. They become instant friends and he teaches him how to play guitar.  When Mark was playing bass guitar, he realized he could play the bass better than him, so he switched to bass as his main Instrument of choice. While in High School,  They start the band  Northern Starr and played all the local High Schools which no other local pop band at that time have done. 

They recorded their first 45 single "Baby Can You Hear Me" B/W "Forever To Hold".

Also at this time he started tinkering with the piano which his band mate could play well. Not to be out done, he taught himself to play it with a little help from his band mate Mark Pasquale.


His work mates started a band and had an awful drummer. So after purchasing a drum kit and playing it lefty, he pestered them until they agreed to let him in. They played cover tunes from The Who to Led Zepplin. The band's name was Kashmire.

​In 1982 he met a band named Siren looking for a bass player. Stan Zotas,  Scott Reich and Jon Rajer. They recorded a studio album at Solid Sound, a 24-multitrack facility in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. 

1983 saw the release of the single "Billion Dollar Blues" from artist "Scott Free", which was backed up by the musicians from Siren.


Through out the 1980’s and 1990’s he would record original material with the help of his old band mates sprinkled in.


During the early 1980's he owned and operated RPS Sound Systems. (Rippel Production Sound). It was a live club traveling sound system for local bands. Mid 1980’s he started Looking Glass Studios, and now his reel to reel was a Fostex 16 track recorder that recorded on ½ inch magnetic tape. He recorded local bands in his home based facility.

In 1998, he acquired new digital recording equipment and Looking Glass Studios went digital. No longer recording local bands, he used it for himself.

In 1999 he found himself another band needing a bass player. This consisted of past band members Reich, and Rajer and a few others. Playing local gigs and occasional business parties. Rajer died in 2000.

In 2012 he married Jing Ma from China. He wrote his first song in 13 years and named it

“Sonata in the key of Jing.”  "I imagined if Mozart was born in the 1960's, he may have wrote something like this..."

2016 He digitally released  his prior 4 solo albums plus a new "Best of" album.

Prior albums titled:

                          Looking For Adventure

                          Michigan Avenue

                          So Far Away

                          White Nights

                          Best of

2017 Started work on his latest solo album titled "Jing". Released the first single off the album named "Jadestone" which included a music video produced at Looking Glass Phoenix in Arizona. "The Making of Jadestone" documentary was released in 2019 and can be found at:

2019 Album Jing was released.

2020 Saw the release of the Wax Admirals album - Arrows of Desire



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